When one of our founders was getting married, one thing became quite clear: there needs to be an “easy button” that provides both awesome Groomsmen Gifts and Raffle Prizes to support a guy’s wedding related needs. This is a once (hopefully) in a lifetime opportunity for Grooms to not only show their Groomsmen how much they mean to them, but also raise money to help support the financial stresses a wedding can bring. No matter your role or responsibility on the big day- we believe all Grooms, Best Men, and Groomsmen deserve a simple way to award high quality, personalized gifts and prizes for such a momentous time of life. 

Stag Pack was born with the Groom and his party in mind. Conveniently preassembled with themed items, our packs are crafted to be a perfect gift someone would proudly own, or a prize you would proudly display. Our unique Groomsmen Gift-Packs allow personalization of both the pack and items inside with your specific images or messaging- ensuring your gift will always be distinguished and remembered amongst your closest crew. Our one-of-a-kind Raffle Packs are built to stand up at a Stag Party the same way Groomsmen stand tall for the Groom on his big day. This makes presenting and awarding each prize an affordable, easy and special experience for both you and your guests.