Selecting Your Best Man

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for – the selection of your Best Man! Although obvious, your best man will be amongst your original wedding party list. If you haven’t created that list perhaps your best man is the first domino to fall or we should talk about that first here. This person is usually one of the most impactful people in your life: a best friend or a close family member. Again, most importantly do what works for you and your fiancé – multiple “bests” is also totally appropriate.

 The roles and responsibilities of your best man should also be considered when choosing that perfect person, or people. The best man is the ringleader for the groomsmen. They need to be able to organize, mobilize, and fraternize! Being the de facto co-leader of the wedding party (don’t forget the maid of honor) includes the responsibilities of the pre-wedding and day-of coordination, in addition to the best man speech.

 The best man will be the point person for the stag party. Your stag will encompass a fundraiser, which we fondly call your Stag-Raiser, and a potential after party, which by all accounts is your classic bachelor party debauchery. We will go in depth in the stag party, but this is one of the best man’s core duties. They will assist in finding a venue, choosing the menu, deciding the bar specials, coordinate donations and raffles items, including the 50-50 contest. They should also be responsible for holding the money to pay the venue and hold for the groom.

Lastly, the best man’s night will ceremoniously come to an end at the conclusion of their speech. This is something to keep in mind – this person will be on record delivering the send off into what will be on of your life’s greatest celebrations. Choose wisely! However, if you’ve gotten this far there are no limits and those stories can be laughed off when your great-grandparents ask about them tomorrow. I don’t envy your decision, but know you will make the right one!

 Love ya pal,

 Your Best Man Matt