By purchasing a Limited Edition "SUPERGIRL" Stag Pack, you're contributing unique prizes to be raffled to help raise as much as we can for Eva! Each prize will come in a custom white box, branded with special "Benefit for Eva Bean SUPERGIRL" display card and stickers. 10% of all "SUPERGIRL" Stag Pack sales will be donated back to the DeLotto family.

3 year old Eva DeLotto has Ependymoma, an extremely rare stage 3 tumor. She has undergone brain surgery to remove the tumor followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments. Funds will support Eva’s past, present and future medical expenses. Very little is known about Pediatric Ependymoma. Eva’s long term prognosis is relatively unknown as little research has been completed to date. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be given to the DeLotto family to assist with Eva’s treatment costs, and to help support further research of Pediatric Ependymoma. 

May 11, 2019

Buffalo Irish Center


Beer: Small Raffle Pack
Beer: Large Raffle Pack
Golf: Medium Raffle Pack
Golf: Small Raffle Pack
Golf: Large Raffle  Pack
Auto: Medium Raffle Pack
Cigar: Medium Raffle Pack
Cigar: Small Raffle Pack
Cigar: Large Raffle Pack
Grill: Raffle Pack
Tools: Medium Raffle Pack
Tools: Large Raffle Pack