The Groom Check-List

Here at Stag Pack, we know your wedding is a big deal and there is so much you need to remember for your special day. Below is a brief timeline outlining the numerous tasks you need to accomplish and check off your list before your wedding.

12 months before:

• Discuss budget with your partner and all parents

• Figure out where you're going to have your ceremony and reception and pick out a wedding date

• Choose your Best Man, Groomsmen and Ushers

• Get engagement photos taken

• Create a wedding website for your guests to find out details about the ceremony, reception etc.

9 months:

• Make your guest list

• Confirm addresses and mail out your Save the Dates

• Book all the talent (music, marriage officiant, photographer, etc)

• Choose your wedding colors to use as your color palate

6 months:

• Book the honeymoon

• Arrange transportation to and from ceremony (limo, town car, bus. etc.)

• Plan rehearsal dinner

• Create a wedding website and arrange a gift registry

• Choose your menu and dessert and schedule tastings

• Select a venue for your rehearsal dinner

3 months:

• Reserve a block of hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests

• Send out guest invitations

• Decide if you are buying/buy groomsmen outfits and purchase them

• Measure fingers and order wedding rings

• Decide who will be doing a reading and what it will be (poem, scriptures, etc.)

• Create a chart or spreadsheet for your seating arrangements

• Finalize menu for reception (cocktails, appetizers, dinner, dessert, late night)

6 to 8 weeks before:

• Buy your bride and groomsmen wedding gifts

• Pick up your wedding rings

• Bachelor party time!

• Follow up with guests who have not RSVP’d

• Lay out wedding program and get it printed

• Make welcome baskets for your out of town guests

• Finalize seating arrangements

2 weeks before:

• Get your marriage license

• Give final count to caterer

• Adjust insurance policies, bank accounts, utilities, etc.

• Send your formal wear to a tailor for alterations

• Send playlists to DJ/band

• Break in your wedding shoes!

1 week before - you are so close!:

• Start packing your honeymoon bags and confirm with your accommodations

• Come up with a speech for the reception

• Provide your readers with their scripts and ask them to read over

• Give groomsmen the rehearsal dinner low down and make sure they get their haircut

• Write and practice your vows

• Finalize payments for vendors and bring cash to tip service

Day before:

• Write an “I love you” note to your bride for her to find on the morning of your wedding day

• Deliver welcome baskets to your guests staying overnight

• Enjoy the rehearsal dinner

• Go to bed at a decent hour!

• Lay out your suit and make sure it isn’t wrinkled!

Wedding Day:

• You have planned so much the past year for your wedding - have fun on your special day!

Day after and beyond:

• Return the tuxedos

• Open your gifts

• Host a brunch for out of town family and guests

• Write thank you cards

• Enjoy being married!

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