Stag Pack is happy to announce a content partnership with The Growth Game, LLC and Eddy Ricci, Jr., CFP (r) creator of Miss Money Plan

It's Black Friday! It is believed that the term "Black Friday" stems from retail companies getting out of "the red" and going into "the black" or positive results after sales on the day after Thanksgiving. So it only seems fitting that Stag Pack announces a deal to provide new packs that help consumers with personal finance today. Stag Pack is happy to announce a content partnership with The Growth Game, LLC and Eddy Ricci, Jr., CFP (r) creator of Miss Money Plan: The Battle Against E-motion, a book that empowers financial education for kids and the adults that read with them! Stag Pack will now offer Miss Money Plan based packs for both consumers and customized options financial professionals to use as gifts for their clients. Stag Pack had a chance to interview Ricci about his new book!

How did you come up with the Miss Money Plan concept?

About six years ago I was hanging out with some of my nephews, who at the time were about 8 and 11 years old. They started asking me about what I did for work and what "CFP" means (Certified Financial Planner) among other career questions. This was a chance to teach my nephews some money basics and I wanted to make the topic as engaging as I could. I saw this as a fun challenge for myself to put a creative spin on a topic that is typically unimaginative. The 8 year old was superhero obsessed so I started to use that theme to describe some basics of personal finance. I thought the best way to capture attention was to personify the obstacles people face when managing their money. I started with sharing the dangers of E-motion a super-villain who sets out to destroy people's money plans. That connected with them and I took the idea from there.

If you could choose one piece of advice that you would want every adult reader to take from reading the Miss Money Plan story, what would it be?

As much as the book, at first glance is for kids, it is also serves as an awareness tool for adults who haven't created a financial plan or may be unfamiliar with the basics. It was surprising to me how some of the most intelligent and successful people in the marketplace didn't have a grasp on basic financial literacy concepts. And a good portion of people who did have an understanding on these topics don't act and follow through on what they know is necessary. This is why I chose E-motion as the first villain that Miss Money Plan fights! We are all guilty to a degree with succumbing to emotion in our plans.

What is the vision for the use of the Miss Money Plan book in the household and as a tool for financial professionals?

A study done at Cambridge University in 2013 shared that most kids have their financial habits "baked" by age 7 and they can start learning money concepts at age 3. That is crazy to me. Miss Money Plan can help adults introduce these concepts to kids during story time. If kids can learn and be entertained through the book and the adults can have an "oh $h#!t, I didn't know about that" or "I am currently not doing that" moment, then its served it's purpose!

The book and other content that will come with the series in the future, can help financial professionals give tips to their clients about how to teach kids about money. I know advisors that will be using the book as a client onboarding tool or client appreciation tool. We can do co-branding and customization as well for companies if they wanted to put their name on the book. There is room to have a seminar series for their prospects through Miss Money Plan as well. This leads to educational marketing that won't get thrown away and should sit on can be marketing and education that gets time in the nightly storytime rotation. And of course now, we can do more than a book through different gift packs through Stag Pack. There are a number of ways we can use the theme to help more people learn about money.

Now that the book is out, what's next for you, The Growth Game, LLC and Miss Money Plan?

There is a lot going on. The Growth Game, LLC., will continue to help businesses think and act creatively when it comes to revenue generation. I have recently partnered with another consulting company, The Pontem Group to help businesses and professionals grow. As for the passion project of Miss Money Plan,the content was 5 years in the making on and off. Now that it's done, the focus is on strategic partnerships to get fun FinLit into more companies and households. The book will be a series so eventually there will be another battle that Miss Money Plan takes on, but that is far away at this point.

What are you most excited about in terms of Miss Money Plan being partnered with Stag Pack?

When businesses partner, it is really about people partnering. So first, I am excited to continue to work with Noah Huard and Mike Austin, the founders of Stag Pack. (I haven't had a chance to talk with Tom yet, the third partner....but wanted to also give a shout out to Tom Samar for connecting the businesses.) Noah and Mike are down to earth entrepreneurs, around my age and have a big vision for their company. I felt that they loved and appreciated the concept of Miss Money Plan and when other people are excited over your ideas and work, it makes obviously makes it easy to work with them. I am happy that Miss Money Plan was chosen, original content for Stag Pack because it will provide a number of options for future relationships for the book and brand. Consumers can buy the book + other tools and gifts in a pack for their friends and family. Advisors, CPAs, other financial service professionals can go on Stag Pack and now brand the box and messages for gifts to their clients for appreciation, on-boarding, etc. Stag Pack makes it easy for the Miss Money Plan brand and it makes it easy for busy professionals to send unique gifts. There will be a number of possibilities with Stag Pack!


Eddy Ricci has been noted as “understanding what motivates Gen Y sales teams. He is on my radar and should be on yours” by international speaker, digital leadership authority and NY Times bestselling author, Erik Qualman.

Eddy is the founder of The Growth Game, LLC where he partners with entrepreneurs and executives to think and act more creatively when it comes to revenue generation and human connectivity. He is also a partner for The Pontem Group, LLC a consulting and search firm. Eddy has spent over a decade building programs around leadership development, talent acquisition and business development that has helped fortune 500 financial planning firms.

Eddy is the author of The Growth Game: A Millennial’s Guide to Professional Development and Miss Money Plan: The Battle Against E-Motion. He is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine where he was a “most trending” writer. He has worked with, given speeches to or has appeared in Forbes, Fox Business News, HBO, NYU Alumni Association, Northwestern Mutual, National Federation of Credit Counselors, GAMA international and start ups in various fields.

Eddy is a graduate of New York University and has his Certified Financial Planner degree (CFP ® Board of Standards) and Chartered Financial Consultant degree (The American College). He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters and originally from Rhode Island.

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